Why weBook.today?

weBook.today is an ACTIVE sales system
which ensures that your restaurant will be full, contrary to a passive booking system
that only waits for the orders to come.

Using weBook.today has positive effects on several levels

Increase in the number of orders

With an active sales system like weBook.today you will have a booking system with an integrated homepage and social media. An increase in accessibility and visibility from social channels leads to more orders. Restaurants working structurally using weBook.today have increased their turnover with up to 70%!

Good foresight

weBook.today is a tool that helps you through the whole process with marketing, ordering and payment. The system is effective and timesaving. With this system, your work becomes structured, and the timing gets right. This gives you more foresight to think about next season!

More time to do what you want

weBook.today creates more time for the business by channelling orders over the phone or e-mail to orders through the system. A medium size restaurant with an average of 80 guests per day can save time corresponding to 2 full-time positions a year only by not handling every order of around 2 minutes over the phone.

Better overview

The bigger the restaurant, the more to keep an eye on. weBook.today gives you a better overview so that you can fill the blanks in the booking calendar more easily. The system also gives you inputs on raw material orders and planning, and you can easily compare the occupancy from year to year.

Differences compared to other systems

No provision to middlemen

Other systems have big provisions per client which the system sends to the restaurant. This way, many orders must be handled manually from other booking services in order to avoid costs. This only creates more working places. In weBook.today there are no provisions for middlemen, but you can choose to pay a fixed price or per booking.

Avoid many different payment solutions

With weBook.today you don’t need to have many different payment solutions for your business. Instead, the system has functions for direct payment upon ordering and you don’t have to keep control of which guests have paid in which system.

Feel looked-after

When you become a client at weBook.today, you receive your own mentor and contact person who will help you with the system. First, we help you set up your business in the system and thereafter we are accessible for your questions and system support. Our goal is for you to feel welcome and looked-after, just like the guests in your restaurant!

No orders, no costs!

Is your business only open at certain times of the year or is there less activity during the low season? Then this system is perfect for you because you can choose to pay per booking, which gives you costs only when the system really is in use. Simple and risk-free, you only pay for the system when you use it and has revenues!

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